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Slow App

The Slow App

By Neelesh Misra

We are all surrounded by stress, the chaos of everyday lives and the need to slow down, simplify and hence enrich our lives. The Slow App by Neelesh Misra brings to its users mental well-being, a healthier lifestyle, and a more positive way of looking at life – through storytelling, music, spiritual and mindful content, celebrating decency and purpose, lullabies, video content, healthy products and slow experiences. Better mental and physical health achieved by slowing down one’s life will make them healthier, happier and increase their lifespan.

The app is the online platform of The Slow Movement, a community founded by India’s most loved storyteller Neelesh Misra. Slow is an effort to reconnect with ourselves and the beautiful small joys and experiences that we leave behind in our fast-paced lives. These could be about consuming the kind of laid back video/audio/text content we don’t often get to see in a clickbait world; sensory experiences that could range from a photo walk to birdwatching to a storytelling session to a pottery class; and products and things that reflect this thinking — that are pure (not laced with dangerous chemicals), connected to our roots, imbibed with honesty and giving back to the creators and not the middlemen.